Buzz Chart 16-3-12

20 Mar 2012

1.Swedish House Mafia - 'Greyhound' - (Virgin)

Out of nowhere comes another slice of genius dance from the biggest dance act in the World.

2.Third Party Vs Cicada - 'Feel' - (Size)

Beautiful play on Cicada ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ that lifts the energy and hits the crowd with pure passion.

3.L-Vis 1990 - 'Tonight' - (PMR)

Cant get enough of the Kink’s 1990 remix, I can here the Space floor calling…….

4.Luigi Rocco & Manuel D La Mare - 'Opa Locka' - (Toolroom)

All over the Toolroom Miami comp and dripping in sweat for the summer.

5.Sebjak - 'Follow Me' - (Positiva)

Big piano and monster synth builder that will be everywhere and in your sets for sure.

6.Porter Robinson Fe Amba Shepherd - 'Vandalism' - (Owsla)

It’s the not so Lazy Rich who is causing a big fuss on the triplet banger of a remix that is getting huge props and is one mean tune to stick in your head.

7.Julian Jordan - 'Rock Steady' - (Spinnin)

Another teenage sensation droppin a huge heavyweight riff to scare the old generation.

8.Marco V & Marcel Woods - 'Scream' - (In-Charge)

No messing with these two legends who have created a monster cut that will smash the floor to pieces

9.Dyro & Jacob Van Hage - 'EMP' - (Smash The House)

Gorgeous synth action and build for yet another Dutch smasher that is a banger on landing that drop.

10.Deadbots - 'Heartbreaker' - (Gung-Ho)

Big signing for the Gung-Ho crew, the dreamy Heartbreaker will float all summer in your head while ‘Foreign Movie’ twists the electro screwdriver in your face.

11.Seamus Haji & Calvin Fisher - 'I Love The Music' - (Strictly Rhythm)

Two superstars of house come together for a big disco jam with a very special remix from Luigi Rocca, WMC classic.

12.Skitzofrenix & Jeff Doubleu - 'Rushin' - (Sneakerz)

Big bounce and twist groove that is blowing up hellfire with all the major players.

13.Dirty Vegas - 'Emma' - (Om Records)

Huge set of mixes from Black Strobe, Pezzner, Tim Goldsworthy and a special touch from Fred Falke.

14.Strobe & Jashari - 'Asylum' - (Big & Dirty)

It’s a freaky bouncer you cant escape from, punchy melody with a bizarre hook, love it or it will kill you.

15.Henry John Morgan – ‘Destination Of Love' - (Time Records)

Looking like a big summer crossover track that perfect for radio but…….get that HJM rework for a slamming big fat sausage riff which has all those sneaky tricks of the production trade flying out the pan.

16.NAPT & Peo De Pitte - 'Gonna Be Mine' - (Vicious Bitch)

Peo & NAPT smash the floor to pieces with those heavy beats & rhythms and a much loved sample snatch! Oliver Twizt drops in on the remix as does Far Too Loud who knows how to start a riot.

17.Baggi Begovic - 'Give It 2 Me' - (Stealth Miami)

Baggi brings the funk and flares to the Miami scene for the Stealth party.

18.APDW, Gramophonedzie & Ben Onono - 'Brassaholics' - (Ego)

Such a slick combination of producers drop a very big summer anthem in time for the Miami crowd and beyond.

19.Adam F - 'When The Rain Is Gone' - (3Beat)

Biggest remix package of the year with Burns, Subscape, Delta Heavy, Corey Enemy and a Michael Woods mix that’s getting large love on the floor.

20.KhoMha - 'Mind Games' - (Perfecto)

Next generation trance superstar that’s causing mayhem across Europe and now into Miami with this banger.

21.DS & Westfunk - 'Hold On' - (Work)

Tradelove get the high energy groove rockin as only they now how on this queen screamer.

22.Paul Van Dyk Fe Austin Leeds - 'Verano' - (Vandit)

A huge return for Paul with a slick cutting style while keeping those euphoric moments we love from the Vandit house.

23.Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult - 'Dangerous' - (Selekted)

Don’t get taken in by the brilliant hook on this secret gem, with kick ass drops that lands the punches everytime.

24.Treasure Fingers - 'Rooftop Revival' - (Scion AV)

Quality package from Kastle, Deep Future, Bro Safari and a dreamy original.

25.Letthemusicplay- 'All I Give You' - (Let The Music Play)

Another mysterious track in session but find that New Jack Slammers rub for the big acrtion.

26.Lookback - 'Sudo' - (Ego)

It’s that sexy sax break from the Special AKA that will have them jamming in Miami, big remix package coming through.

27.Chris Kaeser & Ron Carroll - 'Summer All Over' - (D-Tracks)

The perfect vocal and piano combo to raise those club and beach hands in the air.

28.The 2 Bears - 'Be Strong' - (Southern Fried)

Brand new remixes dropped from Simon Ratcliffe (Basement Jaxx) that will see plenty of action this Miami

29.Orbital Fe Zola Jesus - 'New France' - (ACP/ADA)

Tom Middleton in Cosmos mode and your heart is stolen on the floor.

30.Marco Fratty & Stefano Burra - 'Lets Get Together' - (Adaptor)

Getting the Miami buzz and building up for the summer, mix selection from Lanfee & Marco Molina, Max Train and a big Fratty dub.