Buzz Chart 4-3-12

4 Mar 2012


1.Norman Doray - 'Leo' - (Spinnin)
Much hyped and sought after track gets ready to finally explode this summer.

2.Jacques Lu Cont- 'Reload' - (Warners)
Ready for release very soon! It’s like a dance festival compacted into four and a half minutes of explosive madness.

3.Arty, Matisse & Sadko - 'Trio' - (Axtone)
Could this be the ‘Levels’ for 2012? big uplifting anthem to welcome the Miami mayhem.

4.Third Party Vs Cicada - 'Feel' - (Size)
Beautiful play on Cicada ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ that lifts the energy and hits the crowd with pure passion.

5.Sasha & James Teej- 'Bring On The Night EP' - (Last Night On Earth)
The most brilliant of haunting productions includes a very special remix from M.A.N.D.Y. that’s has to be the must have track of 2012.

6.Albin Myers - 'Hells Bells Full EP' – (Dim Mak)
Sneaking out into Miami and destined to smash the place up with a killer bassline that will make your head pop and scream for more!

7.Sebjak - 'Follow Me' - (Positiva)
Big piano and monster synth builder that will be everywhere and in your sets for sure.

8.Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - 'Stars & Shines' - (Bedrock)
A huge progressive builder to be much loved all year, classic Diggers moment.

9.L-Vis 1990 - 'Tonight' - (PMR)
Cant get enough of the Kink’s 1990 remix, I can here the Space floor calling…….

10.Tocadisco - 'Ratt3nfanger' - (Toca45)
One to take Miami by storm, don’t get more special than the Analog People In A Digital World remix.

11.Angger Dimas & Bassjackers - 'Ria' - (Doorn)
Another epic smash up the system moment from Bassjackers and Angger, you can feel the sunshine in the hook and pain with the drop!

12.Dyro & Jacob Van Hage - 'EMP' - (Smash The House)
Gorgeous synth action and build for yet another Dutch smasher that is a banger on landing that drop.

13.Stefano Pain vs Marcel - 'Go' - (Juicy)
Stomping its way across the Juicy Miami floor with a twisted acid punch and heavy hammer kick.

14.Marco V & Marcel Woods - 'Scream' - (In-Charge)
No messing with these two legends who have created a monster cut that will smash the floor to pieces.

15.Porter Robinson Fe Amba Shepherd - 'Vandalism' - (Owsla)
It’s the not so Lazy Rich who is causing a big fuss on the triplet banger of a remix that is getting huge props and is one mean tune to stick in your head.

16.Mat Zo - 'The Bipolar EP' - (Anjuna Beats)
4 very special tracks from the on fire Mr Zo! Flirting with several styles but all with that sublime quality.

17.Paul Van Dyk Fe Austin Leeds - 'Verano' - (Vandit)
A huge return for Paul with a slick cutting style while keeping those euphoric moments we love from the Vandit house.

18.Dada- 'Metals' - (Destined)
Very clever hook and slammin drop that will be a monster to hold back, sure to be on all the big guns playlists.

19.Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult - 'Dangerous' - (Selekted)
Don’t get taken in by the brilliant hook on this secret gem, with kick ass drops that lands the punches everytime.

20.Daddy’s Groove - 'Power 2 The People' - (Test Pressing)
Daddy drops the groove for a taste of the hard stuff but keeping their flawless production.

21.Don Diablo- 'Silent Shadows' - (Sony Music)
Instant hit appeal from the genre deifying master, big production for a huge hit.

22.Delta3 - 'The Dream' - (High Contrast)
The ultimate passion fuelled track, 20 years of trance energy in one big hit!

23.Lookback - 'Sudo' - (Ego)
It’s that sexy sax break from the Special AKA that will have them jamming in Miami, big remix package coming through.

24.Ummet Ozcan- 'Miami Sundown' - (Reset)
A classic slice of summer trance that is warm and full of emotion, bring on those lazy sunsets.

25.Ruff Loaderz & The Hayman - 'Anthem (Still Waiting)' - (Phonetic)
Super cool epicness for the summer, Tochner remix keeps the magic and the big hooks rolling.

26.Letthemusicplay- 'Waves' - (Let The Music Play)
The secret producers behind this are yet to reveal themselves, so as we wait check out the big nasty remixes from Alex Gopher, RAC and Akira Kiteshi.

27.Seamus Haji & Calvin Fisher - 'I Love The Music' - (Strictly Rhythm)
Two superstars of house come together for a big disco jam with a very special remix from Luigi Rocca, WMC classic.

28.Bobby Burns - 'Next' - (Stealth)
Another big contender for the Miami scene this year, simple club banger that takes you all the way and slams you back down, deadly dope beats.

29.Audrey Napoleon - 'Bitchy Queen' - (Street Quality)
A secret gem that’s getting big buzz support from the big guns and should be in your box.

30.Bombay Bicycle Club- 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep - (Island)
Find the Scuba remix now! All over radio and a dream production.