SP089 V/A 'Best Of 2011 - A Year In 25 Tracks'

29 Dec 2011

SP089 / 2011

Best of 2011 - A Year in 25 Tracks

01. Nader Razdar, Matthew Codek - Alegria (Original Mix)
02. DJ Chus - A Night Summer Dream (Original Mix Edited & Remastered)
03. The New Iberican League - Keep On Jumpin' (Original Mix)
04. DJ Chus, David Penn - Libres Para Siempre feat. Cevin Fisher (Original Mix)
05. Brick City - Rumba Magic (Dj Chus & David Herrero mix)
06. Matthew Codek - Dungusmartus (Original Mix)
07. David Penn feat. Monia Amore - Ocean Drive [Open Your Mind] (DJ Chus & Abel Ramos Remix)
08. David Penn, Rober Gaez - El Chamaco (Original Mix)
09. DJ Chus, David Herrero - Nicaragua (Original Mix)
10. Big Black Boot - Vibrate 2011 (Zoltan Kontes, Jerome Robins Mix)
11. Jetro - I'm Here To Party (Original Mix)
12. The Cube Guys - La Banda (Original Mix)
13. Jose De Mara, Matthew Codek - Deeper Soul (Original Mix)
14. DJ Chus, Patric La Funk - Bel Amour (Classic Touch Mix)
15. Louie Corrales - Music Is My Life (Corrales Vocal Mix)
16. Dj Chus - Estela (DJ Chus In Stereo Dub Mix)
17. The Cube Guys - Torero (Original Mix)
18. Jose de Mara, Javi Colina - Daiquiri (Original Mix)
19. Julian Poker - Groovilicious (Original Mix)
20. Mancini - Supa Lovin (Original Mix)
21. Mikel Curcio - This Feeling (Dj Chus Edit)
22. DJ Chus, Mikel Curcio - La Samba (Original Mix)
23. Raul Cremona, Miss Melody - Cuban Tech (Original Mix)
24. David Herrero - La Cacimba (Original Mix)
25. Tom Sawyer feat. El Profe - Eh mama (Original Mix)


End of year albums are always a tricky proposition. In reality, it’s a bit of a stretch to encapsulate an entire year’s worth of music within a single release. So rather than make that speculative assertion, we’d rather say that Best of 2011 is a comprehensive look back over the last 12 months in our house, featuring some of what we consider to be the best tunes over that period and the ones that were in the top charts and the most selling cuts. And while some might argue over inclusions or omissions (and we hope you do) we’d like to think that with the amount of music we’ve been exposed to in 2011, we’re reasonably well qualified to make those selections.

Best tunes from Miami & ADE Samplers, from our well know and top selling Balearica, Some Organic Beats, Stereo Cools and a few track from the other releases. DJ Chus, Matthew Codek, David Penn, Rober Gaez, David Herrero, Jose de Mara, The New Iberican League are some of the names included in this five star compilation.

We’ve picked out 25 tracks from the long list of releases we had this year We hope you agree, with some of them at least...

A Year in 25 Tracks.